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I haven’t been to see you before, what do I book in for?

All my bookings have a short description below them. If you're still unsure and wish to speak to me about your hair, feel free to reach me at and we can book you for a consultation. Consultations are $50 and come off your service when booked.


Do you only do shag and mullet cuts?

As a cutting specialist, I can cut any hairstyle you are hoping for and am happy to work with whatever vision you have, from just a trim to a major transformation. I don’t just do shag/mullet cuts (even though these are so fun). I love cutting all hair types, texture and lengths. I also do a range of colours.


Do I do colour services?

Yes! I offer a range of colouring services as well as haircuts. For more information on what colour services I offer, please look under the 'colouring' section on the services page. You can also find descriptions on my booking portal.

If you still can’t work out what best suits you, please contact me directly for clarification. Bear in mind I may not be able to come back to you straight away.


Do you do extensions?

No, sorry. I can strongly recommend some other amazing hairdressers that specialise in this area.


How do I make a booking?

The best way to book in with me is through my online booking portal. You can find this under the tab 'online booking' on the main page of my website. If you can't find the date you are looking for, you can manually add yourself to my waitlist which is also displayed in the portal and I will let you know of any cancellations via text or email. You can also ‘book now’ on my Instagram bio page.


Can I make a booking via IG?

Although I am quite active and do my best to get back to everyone, I will eventually direct you to book your own appointment through the book now button on my bio or via my website.


Where are you located?

I am currently located at A-H Salon in Newtown. The address is 3/325 King Street, Newtown and the entrance is via Eliza Street. Directly behind Black Star Pastry. We are a three-minute walk from Newtown station and 8 minute’s walk from Erskineville station.  Parking in Newtown can be limited so make sure you leave plenty of time! There is plenty of two hour parking around however, some services may require longer, so too avoid the dreaded parking fine stress, there are a few parking stations located behind IGA, Dendy Cinema, Wilson Street and near the Train Station.


What does genderless pricing mean?

As times change, I feel it’s up to us all to adapt and change things so that everyone feels included, safe and comfortable. Genderless pricing is pricing based on skill, time, hair type (how long, thick etc), technique etc, not “Male” or “Female”. My prices range from $100-$160. If you’d like a quote, feel free to reach out via IG or email.

My prices reflect years of training, education and commitment to my trade.


How long will my service go for?

New client haircuts I allow 1 hour 15 minutes. A haircut I allow 1 hour (existing clients) and colour can range from 1 hour to 6+ depending on what it is. My booking portal will generally give you a rough guide on time.


What if I’m running late?

Firstly, don’t stress! I run late a lot and I figure so long as I try and give you some notice or at least shower you with beverages, a free treatment and lots of apologies, I guess it’s a mutual respect. My work mobile is on my profile, please just shoot me a text and let me know. Try not and respond to the automated confirmation texts as thee often don’t come through and I can’t reply to them. My number is 0420 763 301 for all work queries. If you’re running realllllly late, we may need to reschedule or alter your service to something smaller. This can be a case by case.


How far in advance should I book?

At this stage I would say to comfortably get your preferred appointment time, 1 month to six weeks is appropriate. I have taken measures to reduce the amount of new clients I do so as to keep spaces available for my regulars. If you cannot find the appointment you’re after, please don’t contact me directly, but rather pop yourself on the waitlist via the online booking portal. More often than not, I’m able to wiggle things around or can fulfil them when there are cancellation/reschedules.


What does closing your books actually mean?

At the moment I am at capacity for a one woman show, so I’ve tentatively closed my books to all new clients effective of April 1st. If you have seen me before, you are still able to book an appointment as usual. When I announce last minute appointments available via Instagram or email, these are open to everyone.


Why do I have to leave a deposit?

As a small business, when there is a ‘No show’ appointment, this impacts my business greatly so I had no choice but to implement a deposit system to try and avoid people not showing up or giving me appropriate time to fill the spot. I realise things happen and some instances can’t be avoided, I just ask that as much notice is given as possible.


Does the deposit come off my service?

Yes absolutely, the deposit goes onto your account as a credit and during checkout, these deposits are subtracted from the overall bill. *NOTE*I use a third party company called Stripe to take all online bookings, none of your details are stored by me, nor can I see any of them. An amount will never be deducted from me unless booked by you personally.


What are your cancellation policies?

I require 48 hours for cancellations where possible. Of course some things are out of our control and I understand, I do bask kindly that this is respected where possible.


If I cancel within 24 hours will I lose my deposit?

Unfortunately, yes. Unless of course I can fill that spot, in which case I will happily return deposits or keep it on your account for next time. You just need to contact me directly to make another booking otherwise you’ll have to leave another deposit. *NOTE* Deposits are not automatically refunded, if you wish to have them refunded please contact me directly via email.


How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

There is a link available in your booking confirmation via email, you can logon and cancel or reschedule at your best suitable time outside the notice period. If it is inside the notice period you will have to contact me directly via email or IG.


What’s the difference between and existing and new service?

A new client is someone I have never seen for a hair service before, an existing is someone I’ve seen once or more. 


Do you offer complimentary fringe trims?

Yes, however these have been taken off the booking portal for now as I was getting upwards of 4 a day and sometimes in sticky times, so please contact me directly to be manually booked in.


What if I’ve had a service with you but think I want to slightly adjust it?

Absolutely no problem, please contact me within 2 weeks of the service to arrange time to adjust. We can chat via email/IG and I am more than welcome to adjust or tweak your hair. I often invite my new clients to reach out if they have any styling, product or general queries after the first-time hair service as we are both getting used to one another and it is more than common to adjust slightly. So please reach out when needed.


What payment options do you accept?

I accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX (no fee) and cold hard cash. I also have Zippay.


Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

Although quite often its fine, we do ask that thought is given to other customers and workers around. During Covid we have limited numbers being allowed in the salon.



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